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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The House of Assembly witnessed the following exchange during Question Period on April 25, 2012:
MR. BALL: Since 1971, government has published a Budget document called Salary Details. This document contained details of every part-time and full-time job within the department along with the salary range. This is a critical document used for tracking and comparing government payroll and cost.

My question is to the Premier: Why has the government refused not to release this information this year?

MR. MARSHALL: Mr. Speaker, that particular document is not linked to any of the public accounts or the public statements of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. If the information is required, it will certainly be made available, but it was felt in view of the fact that it is not linked to the public statements, there was really no need to publish it. If the information is required, it will be made available.
MR. BALL:Typically, from what I understand, it has been like forty years now that this document has been available. I know in Estimates, people who use it found it to be quite useful.
If they do not want to print it – we were told yesterday that maybe the printing cost was an issue – could it be available to us on-line?

MR. MARSHALL: Mr. Speaker, if the Leader of the Opposition wants that information, we will be happy to provide it.
Minister Marshall went a little further outside the House, apparently telling assembled reporters that the mysteriously missing document would be available "soon".

By "soon", he meant 294 days and a calendar year later.



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