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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Les claqueurs

Moments after Finance Minister Jerome Kennedy announces hundreds of layoffs during last Wednesday's budget speech, PC backbenchers (counterclockwise) Tony Cornect (Port au Port), Tracey Perry (Fortune Bay–Cape La Hune) and David Brazil (Conception Bay East–Bell Island) give him a round of trained-seal applause. Humber West MHA Vaugh Granter is leaning just out of the frame.


At 12:52 AM, April 01, 2013 , Blogger iceman2 said...

Have you ever checked to see how come they lay off in Labrador when most of funding for the hires come from the federal government. Do they take even the funds slated for Labrador and when it's convenient, syphon it of for use other than Labrador.


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