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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What, them worry?

There's the Embarrassment for Mount Pearl North and Junior Deputy Under-Secretary of Bill 29, posting on the Twitters:
Steve Kent, MHA ‏@stephenkent @lorrainemichael We'd be happy to give you an overview of equalization program if you're still misunderstanding what "have province" means.
And there's his colleague in the Junior Deputy Under-Secretary Klub
Sandy Collins ‏@SandyRCollins Considering organizing a very simplistic,easy 2 follow slideshow 4 the NLNDP caucus explaining what 'HAVE' status means & what determines it
And at the Big Boys' Table, there's Screamapillar Kennedy, in the House of Assembly on Monday:  
We will address the issue of such things as a have province and what exactly that means, Mr. Chair...
We are no longer receiving equalization, and that is what being a have Province means. It means we pay our own way. In fact, one can argue that being a have Province means you have less money...
In 2004-2005, 34 per cent of the revenues received in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador came from federal transfers. We are down to 10 per cent today, Mr. Speaker. Equalization and the accords, in 2004-2005, accounted for 22.1 per cent of our revenues. Today it is zero. So, our ability to be self-sustaining, our ability to govern ourselves has resulted in us receiving fewer revenues. That is what it means to be a have province; it means you pay your own way....
So, being a have province does not mean we are rich, but it means that we can stand up and make our own decisions.
All three, totally spontaneously throwing whatever damp blankets they can find on the “have province” meme that NAPE has successfully, and effectively unleashed through their late advertising campaign.   The fact that various members of the PC caucus have been driven — totally spontaneously, and completely independent of one another — to try and defuse NAPE's clever and potent use of this phrase, is about all the evidence you need to draw the only logical inference.   It's working.


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