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Friday, March 08, 2013

The Hon. Member for Mount Pearl North has the floor

A bit of unfinished business from the December filibuster. From the Bow-Wow Parliament proceedings of December 18th:
MS MICHAEL: ... As with a couple of other bills that we have on our Order Paper, I do not know why this government is rushing and ramming legislation through this House as they are doing, Mr. Speaker. That is why I am very, very pleased with the hoist motion that was brought forward, because there is no need to be doing the rushing that is going on so that we –

AN HON. MEMBER: (Inaudible) cursing and swearing – shame. It is disgraceful.

MS MICHAEL: Mr. Speaker, I am calling a point of order. I have just been accused by a member over on this side – and I do not know who it is because I am not looking there – of cursing and swearing.

MR. SPEAKER: A point of order by the hon. member. I never heard the comment, but I certainly will review Hansard to see if it was picked up, at the hon. member. I will give a ruling at my earliest convenience.
And its dénouement, yesterday:
MR. SPEAKER (Wiseman): Before we start today's proceedings – I know this goes back a ways, but most of you might recall the last session we had before Christmas; it was quite a lengthy one. On the last parliamentary day, December 18, there was a point of order raised. This is the first opportunity I have had to be back in the Chair to make a ruling on that point of order, a point of order raised by the Leader of the Third Party.

The Leader of the Third Party rose, stating that she had been accused of unparliamentary language by another member. I indicated at the time that I would take some time to review Hansard, the transcript of that day's session, and I have done that. I have had the opportunity to review Hansard and the video clips and found that there was no unparliamentary language, either written or audible, made by the Leader of the Third Party.

Hansard, however, does not identify the member but it does identify the comments made by a member accusing the Leader of the Third Party of unparliamentarily language.

The Speaker has no way to identify who that member was; however, given the responsibilities the members have in this House and to this House, I would ask that if the member is present today, they would stand and apologize for their comment.

The hon. the Member for Mount Pearl North.

MR. KENT: Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Of course, there was no ill intent, and I do apologize.

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