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Monday, February 18, 2013

Worlds colliding

Last year's Bill 29 filibuster had an interesting close encounter with the VOCM poll-goosing saga during debate on June 14th.

Susan Sullivan, Minister of Whatever Susan Sullivan Is Minister Of, cited a VOCM poll-related Access to Information request as being the sort of thing a body might find frivolous or vexatious:
MS SULLIVAN: Here is another one from a political party: I request under the Access to Information any correspondence, e-mails, directives, instructions, fax sheets, briefing notes, meeting minutes or other communications, either internal or external, regarding the VOCM Question of the Day. They did not give a date. I do not know which VOCM Question of the Day I am supposed to look up here, or VOCM’s Open Line show and or Back Talk and or any other talk shows, no date, just anyone of them. Again, is that frivolous, is that vexatious?
The issue of government resources being deployed to co-ordinate tinkering with VOCM's Question of the Day is long standing and well-established. (Intrepid blogger, Meeker, Bond Papers).
It is a valid matter of public concern, and good on whichever "political party" posed the ATI question.
And, given Sullivan's deliberately obfuscating rejoinder, to a simple and straightforward question, it is abundantly clear that it's a very, very, very touchy subject for the rapidly-foundering governing PC Party. 



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