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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Information underload

Item:  After trying to quietly kill the document altogether, it takes almost 300 days for the Dunderment to publish the 2012 Salary Details.

Item: The Auditor General tears a strip off the Dunderment for protracted delays in releasing the Public Accounts.

Item: Elections NL takes over a year to publish the 2011 campaign financials. (A disaggregated accounting for central party regular and campaign contributions for calendar/election-year 2011 is still missing in action.)

Item: Elections NL also leads an intrepid blogger down an Orwellian-Kafkaesque-Lewiscarroly months-long trail in search of a digital file that every other elections office in Canada releases or publishes as a matter of routine.

Item: The Dunderment (like Dannystan before it) has stopped publishing the dollar value of road work on a district-by-district basis.

Item: Per the Telegram’s intrepid Daniel MacEachern [not on-line], the 2011 provincial tourism statistics have still not been published.
It’s hard to make out just yet, but… it’s almost as if there’s a pattern developing or something.



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