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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

HouseKu, April 2013

First of an anticipated series.

From the pages of the House of Assembly Hansard, 17-syllable found hankus for the month of April:

This is the reason
       we are where we are today:
there was no vision.
- Dwight Ball, April 15

That is the promise,
       the commitment, which was made
by this government.
- Dwight Ball, April 15

This is why people
       were being confused about
the Budget process.
- Dwight Ball, April 15

We had reached a peak
       with three paper mills that were
fully functioning.
- Jim Bennett, April 17

They were exempted.
       It is still a 35
per cent reduction.
- Glen Littlejohn, April 17

We know of many
       people who have moved away
and they come back home.
- Dwight Ball, April 18

I just want to go
       back to it because I just
want to finish here.
- Dwight Ball, April 18

Why wouldn't they be
       afraid that they will lose their
job by speaking out?
- Andrew Parsons, April 18

Because you can be
       anything to anyone,
if you have the cash.
- Terry French, April 23

That is the question.
       I know there have been many
surgeries cancelled.
- George Murphy, April 23

He noted he has
       that general information
for all departments.
- Lorraine Michael, April 24

Ten years down the road,
       they are going to be out
millions and millions.
- Eddie Joyce, April 25

I will recognize
       that government has done good
work in that regard.
- Tom Osborne, April 25

There is an increase
       in the number of people
using soup kitchens.
- Tom Osborne, April 25

Who has been spending?
       Where is the extravagance
and poor management?
- Gerry Rogers, April 29

Start with the millions
       invested in the long-term
care facility.
- Vaughan Granter, April 29

He is a well-known
       individual in Hawke’s Bay,
a former mayor.
- Jim Bennett, April 30

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