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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some whine with that whine?

Huh. Trevor Taylor has a weekly column in The Telegram. Who knew?

Fresh from defending his party's on-line poll-goosing efforts the previous week, last week, Triv jotted down his thoughts about the current sorry state of political discourse in the province:
Granted, politics is a rough game, but really, do we need to resort to comments and tactics that we would not excuse elementary school kids for?
It seems that with the expansion of social media as an avenue for people to vent, we have foregone respectful debate and disagreement in favour of personal attacks and, in some cases, threats. 
Really? Is this the kind of debate that we want? 
In many respects, today's debate, if I could call it that, more resembles a shouting match between drunks on George Street than a serious discussion about policy and the state of the province's affairs.
For the record, here's one of Triv's earnest contributions to that serious discussion about policy and the state of the province's affairs, from when he still sat as a representative of the people in the dignified House of Assembly:
MR. TAYLOR: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, as usual, the Leader of the Opposition is careless with the truth again today. I said last week, in this House of Assembly, that we did meet with - 
MR. REID: Stand up for the people you represent!   
MR. TAYLOR: Mr. Speaker, would you mind gagging the Member for Twillingate & Fogo, so I can answer the question that the Leader of the Opposition asked?
MR. TAYLOR: Mr. Speaker, will you please gag those people so I can answer the questions that are being asked of me?
And as for threats, where was Triv when the violent words were coming out of The Big Guy's mouth?

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