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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In which the Christmas parody wars is joined

Bond shouldn’t start something he can’t finish.

After this, this, and this, Christmas in Dannyland 4:

He’s beginning to look a lot like Smallwood,
   In everything he does.
Refineries over here,
   And hydro dams over there:
   He’s everything Joe Smallwood ever was.

He’s beginning to sound a lot like Smallwood,
   Circa ’59,
He’ll rally the troops to fight,
   He’s the Equalization Knight,
   Like Joey Smallwood and “Term 29”.

He’s beginning to talk a lot like Smallwood:
   “This is OUR ore!
And egomaniacally,
   He speaks with a “Royal We”,
   As in, “We have the deed to Labrador”.

He’s beginning to sound a lot like Smallwood,
   Promising fixed links!
They’ll be lined up across the Gulf,
   To take the Express to golf,
   On one of the Williams’ many fancy links!

He’s beginning to be a lot like Smallwood,
   Count the reasons how.
To liberate our shores,
   We need a new Frankie Moores,
   To tell us “It Won’t Be Long Now!


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