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Sunday, September 16, 2007

... and the shameless

There are just so many turd nuggets in the Noseworthy report that it's easy to miss many of the most stinky. This one took a posting on the intertubes before this corner noticed it:

Another Member initially claimed mileage from St. John's to their District as 650 km, then, in 1996-97 increased this to 900 km and claimed 262 trips. The Member continued to claim monthly mileage amounts for intra-district travel. The Member indicated that the change resulted from the definition of the mid-point of his District. The Member explained that he was advised by officials of the House of Assembly establishment that he could claim the midpoint of his District which was in the ocean and therefore could only be reached by boat. As a result, he claimed an amount equivalent to the cost of a boat charter to that point in the ocean.

You can't make that up. If you did, as a writer of fiction, your editor would red-ink it out of your manuscript.

But this is fact, not fiction. And that makes it fun to speculate.

Okay, so we have a male MHA ("his", "he"; someone forgot to keep up the "their"ification of the Member's identity).

Assuming the original 650 km figure is accurate, his district as probably on the opposite side of Newfoundland from St. John's. The distance is, however, too far to be in Labrador, and in any event, there is really only one district you could try and drive to or from, and that, only recently.
Labrador is also ruled out by the fact that the "midpoint of his District" lay in the "ocean", which doesn't describe any of the four Labrador districts.

So... a district in Newfoundland... represented at some point since 1989, and immediately before and after 1996-97 by a male MHA... at least (and probably at most) 650 km by road from St. John's... whose geographical midpoint lies in salt water.



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