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Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Mother of All Nature Allegories

Russell Wangersky outdoes himself:

Watching legislatures is more like stirring up hagfish: the volume of slime produced is virtually incomprehensible. The hagfish, or slime eel (Myxine glutinosa — what a suitable name), when panicked, can convert five gallons of seawater into mucus with its secretions.
The rest of it? Well, there's a large quotient in the Saturday R-Wanger of Things You Are Not Allowed To Say.

(No, not that.)

But he goes ahead and says them.



At 9:30 PM, March 08, 2008 , Blogger stephen said...

Sounds like Wangersky didn't have anything original to say and ripped off your blog WJM. Even the language is remarkably similar.

I agree with your view on the whole issue over the House of Assembly being closed for so long - it's nuts and the mark of a government that doesn't give a whiff about even pretending to care for democracy.

Having said that the fact that Wangersky can't come up with an original thought makes me dislike his crap newspaper, staffed entirely by CFA journalists, even more.

At 11:35 PM, March 08, 2008 , Blogger WJM said...

Penney — you forgot to include the usual Ryan Cleary/Eighth Floor line about how the Telegram is owned by them dirty furriners from op thar in Canada.

So, who are the CFA staff at the Telegram? Randy Simms? Rob Antle? Jamie Baker? John Gushue? Pam Frampton? Shirley Newhook? Peter Jackson? Ed Smith? Alisha Morrissey? Peter Walsh? Steve Bartlett? Barb Sweet?

Who are all the CFAs? And why would it even matter?


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