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Friday, March 14, 2008

That double standard revisited

Government — Williams Government, surely? — Government Provides $700,000 Facelift to Stephenville Arts and Culture Centre


But what’s this, now?
The Provincial Government has awarded a tender totalling $699,500 to Pittman’s Enterprises Ltd. of St. Paul’s to install new siding on the 52-year-old building.

"This project is funded through the Provincial Government’s Infrastructure Strategy, valued at more than $2 billion," Minister Whalen said.
No mention of the federal money involved.

Hold on a second – there isn’t any, is there?

Just as there wasn’t in the $6.5-million rec centre for the Northeast Avalon burbs.

Just as there wasn’t in the $14.9-million new arts and rec centre for Clarenville.

Or just as there wasn’t in the 2006 Lewisporte stadium project:
Lewisporte District MHA Tom Rideout announced Municipal Infrastructure Grants last week in the amount of $3.2 million for his district.

Mr. Rideout said that of the funding received, $2.2 million has been approved for upgrades to the Lewisporte Stadium. That funding will be on a cost-shared basis with government investing 80.5 per cent and the Town of Lewisporte funding the remaining 19.5 per cent. The cost to the Town will be $413,362.
And in St. Anthony, the Polar Centre project went ahead with only 10% of the funding from federal sources.

So why is it, again, that when there’s a cultural facility to be built in Labrador, that Integral Part of the Province, the Morally and Fiscally Autonomous Williams Government sought, and probably still seeks, “ways for the federal government to bear the majority of the costs of an auditorium project”?


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