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Friday, April 04, 2008


Back in March, Rob Antle reported for the Telegram:
The Williams administration says its promised policy of making all government-commissioned reports public within 30 days of their completion remains in effect, despite some recent exceptions.

Officials in the premier's office said the government is now reviewing its files to see what other unreleased reports may be gathering dust.

"There are instances when that deadline simply cannot be met due to a variety of issues," Elizabeth Matthews, a spokeswoman for Premier Danny Williams, said Monday.

As for the 30-day release policy, Williams said, "It is our policy of disclosing reports at the earliest available opportunity."

Williams, meanwhile, said Friday the province will "absolutely" review its files for other unreleased reports.

Government officials did not have any update on that review as of Monday, other than to say work is ongoing.
That was a month ago.

Thirty-one days, in fact. March 4th was the dateline on Antle’s piece.

So… how’s that review going, anyway?

Can anyone find a copy of the 30-day policy itself? You know, that policy that, by remaining in effect, must have been put into effect in the first place?

And where, oh where, is that Colonial Building report?


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