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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Word count revisited

From May of last year, a grumble:
It would be nice if the Bow-Wow Parliament had a Speaker of one-tenth the calibre of a Jim Jerome, or, indeed, if it had a Speaker at all.
On the opposition-question side, things on Monday were improved markedly over last spring: the longest opposition question was a mere 194-worder from Yvonne Jones.

On the other hand, on the government-answer side, with the consent of the opposition and the Speaker, the Premier got away with 420-, 681- and a staggering 848-word "answer".

If he wants to make Ministerial Statements, let him put in for Ministerial Statements.

If he wants to make speechy, he can go to Board of Trade luncheons.

If he wants to defend his virility, try Out of the Fog. Or little diamond-shape blue pills.


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