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Monday, May 12, 2008

Three strikes

MS JONES: I ask the Premier if he is saying that no one in his government, him, his staff or his officials, give key messages to open line callers to call in to influence public opinion in this Province?

PREMIER WILLIAMS: I can assure you that while we are in government there is no one within our staff in the Premier’s office who has phoned up under two or three different names and pretended they were someone else and made representation as the hon. government opposite did when they were in power.
MS JONES: Whether it is one person or ten different people, I ask the Premier again, have you, your staff or anyone inside your government given notes of key points to be addressed on open line shows to callers in order to influence public opinion?

PREMIER WILLIAMS: Every time I get on Open Line I get a note.
MS JONES: Just a final question for the Premier, and that is: Can the Premier tell us how much government has spent to date on Open Line transcripts related to the ER-PR issue? Can he confirm today whether there is a standing order agreement to receive those transcripts and if you would be willing to table that information?

PREMIER WILLIAMS: There is no standing order agreement and I cannot tell you how much has been spent on transcripts.


PREMIER WILLIAMS: Mr. Speaker, I just want to clarify something from Question Period. I was asked the question whether there is a Standing Order for information or transcripts through the Department of Health. I was just informed outside that either through Robert Thompson or through the Department of Health there is, in fact, a Standing Order, but I was not aware of it. I just do not want to leave a misimpression in the Chamber on that particular question.


At 7:33 AM, May 13, 2008 , Blogger D.B. Cooper said...

What else is there that Danny doesn't want to reveal?

This isn't about doctors. It's about Danny, Liz, Brian and all the rest of them.

Their subpoenas stare at them every day reminding them they have to testify.

They have to promise to tell the truth.

People are going to find out what really happened.

It must be scaring Danny shitless.


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