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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Demo/graphics (II)(c)

The longitudinal chart below shows the estimated annual net interprovincial population change for Labrador and two western regions of Newfoundland since the mid-1980s.
Remember, this is net inteprovincial migration. The raw interprovincial out-migration figures are even higher, but the chart takes into account that people moved into (or back into) the province each year as well.

The impact of the cod moratorium is immediately obvious at even a casual glance.

More subtly, the only episodes of net inteprovincial in-migration have been to Labrador in 1989, and to the Corner Brook/Humber Valley region the year after. It remains to be seen, when the data set is updated, whether any of the regions shown above have benefitted from the late uptick into net interprovincial in-migration for the province as a whole.

Even more subtly, Humber's net-outmigration, while still negative, has stalled at near-zero levels in the past few years, while the pace of net out-migration to other provinces has actually accellerated in Labrador and on the Northern Peninsula.

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