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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Was that so hard?

The Chief Electoral Officer finally, and long, long past the statutory deadline for publishing them — publish, folks, same etymology as public — posts the statutorily-required poll-by-poll results of the 2007 general election and the by-elections held in 2007 and 2006.

The date on the report?

July 7th. Nine months less two days after the general election. For mysterious reasons known best by the Chief Electoral Officer, who is the former president of the governing PC Party, the document, which was obviously "born digital", was not posted to the intertubes for almost another two weeks.

Why does it take nine months to produce an election report in the second-least populous province of Canada?

Why should the CEO even have the luxury of nine months? The Premier made a great show of reducing the time-limit for the holding of by-elections; he and his rubber-stamp parliament can do the same with regards to making the results of those by-elections, and general elections, public.

If the elections office isn't going to do its job in a timely, efficient, and public — there's that good old Latin root again — manner, they should have the choice of being lax, inefficient, and secretive taken away from them. Immediately.

And what happened to the 2005 by-election report from Exploits? We're still waiting on those, Paul.


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