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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Demo/graphics (II)(e)

And here's the third in the series of longitudinal look-sees at interprovincial migration trends for each of the province's census divisions and the St. John's CMA, on a go-backwards basis. This chart shows the net interprovincial migration estimates for the Avalon (minus the St. John's CMA), the rest of the Avalon, and the two other census divisions in eastern Newfoundland:
Note that the only region to have shown net in-migration at any time in this period has been the Bonavista area. The result might be accounted for by the ramp-up of Hibernia construction at Bull Arm, which benefitted the Clarenville area in particular... except that the trend in CD 7 begins before construction really got going.

Note as well that the impact of the moratorium was felt numerically, if not proportionately, hardest in the St. John's area, and again an across-the board increase in out-migration to other provinces throughout eastern Newfoundland, except for in the St. John's CMA in the last year shown.

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