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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Reading the Entrails (2008) (II)

The Wunderkinder in charge at the non-partisan agency that has sycophantically taken to calling itself Elections Newfoundland Labrador are a little hazy on the concept of "popular vote":

NDP 4 + Liberal 15 + PC 24 = 43.

With three candidates, the "Percent Popular Vote" column should, subject to rounding, add up to 100%.

With any number of candidates, other than one — in which that candidate is acclaimed, and there are no votes to worry about — the "Percent Popular Vote" column should add up to 100%.

So where does 4+15+24 come from?

It comes from using the number of eligible voters as the denominator for the percentage calculation, instead of, what would be correct, using the total number of votes. A vote that doesn't exist, as the very concept of a vote that doesn't exist kinda hints at, is not a vote.

Pretty basic stuff. Only perennial election-losers, and, apparently, Elections Dannystan, count popular vote in this manner.

Then again, this is the same math-challenged operation that couldn't count a few hundred thousand votes in less than their statutory-bound nine months.

Let's see how long it takes, this time, to count — and publish — fewer than 7700.


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