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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Danny Williams is awesome

This corner has seen the light, and will beg forgiveness. As Our Dear Premier might say, in the passive voice, on a go-forward basis, all negativity is retracted.

Commenter Darie, breaching the holy ordinance against caring what "mainland" newspapers — especially Toronto ones — have to say about anything, posts, in reaction to Terence Corcoran's barrage of anti-NewfoundlandLabrador hate propergander:
Perhaps Mr. Williams' hard negotiating style (which is one of the many reasons we now enjoy surpluses while Ontario is sucking the federal teat, I might add) isn't liked by my mainland friends, but that's the way he operates.

Behold! the awesome awesomosity that is Danny Williams! Behold! his power to travel through time!

The province is enjoying surpluses thanks to the considerable direct royalty revenues coming in during the past few years from the three offshore oil projects (Hibernia, Terra Nova, and White Rose), and three major mines (IOC, Wabush, Voisey's Bay) and the indirect taxes on income and production associated with those operations.

All of those projects' royalty regimes were set by previous governments. But, as Darie notes, it is Danny Williams' negotiating skills which are responsible for the surpluses, which can only mean one thing: that He travelled backwards in time, to decades from the 1930s through to the 1990s, and negotiated those deals.

He must also be responsible, per Darie, for the run-up in commodity prices during the middle part of this decade. Oh, His power is a terrible thing to behold! Mine eyes!

Here, then is truly a Great Leader, taking his mantra of "no more giveaways" to the extreme. Not content with merely infringing the common law, the statute law, the constitutional law, or the law of international trade; if necessary, Our Dear Premier will dictate the law of supply and demand, and break the laws of physics, all for the welfare of His people.

Do we doubt Him? Do we dare doubt Him?


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