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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Then, meet now (I)

Then, a little under two years ago:

First Shipment of Gold Ore to Arrive in the Province for Processing

The arrival in the next few days of the first shipment of gold ore from Greenland for processing in this province is an economic boost for the Baie Verte Peninsula and a significant development for the province’s mining industry.

"For the first time, a mineral resource is being shipped into this province for processing, bringing a new life for the Nugget Pond mill and related employment and economic spinoffs," said the Honourable Kathy Dunderdale, Minister of Natural Resources. "This is a positive development for an area with a strong mining past and a bright future for the return of mining-related economic development."

Crew Gold (Canada) Ltd. acquired the Nugget Pond processing facility in October 2006 to process ore from its Nalunaq gold mine in south-western Greenland. Significant capital investment has gone into reactivating the mill and constructing the required infrastructure. The reopening of the mill will create about 30 new positions, with local companies being contracted to provide trucking, security and other services.

(Oh, lookie: another false claim of a "first"! And why is it virtuous to ship someone else's natural resources into the province, but vicious to ship the province's resources out? Won't someone think of the Greenlanders?)

And now: Where, oh where, you might ask, is Minister Blunderdale's press release in response to this piece of news, reported by Gary Kean of the Western Star?

...according to Crew Gold’s corporate website, a comprehensive review of the ore resources at Nalunaq has shown the ore strike lengths have not been meeting management’s expectations and, also taking into consideration the current economics of mining, Crew Gold has decided to suspend mining operations at Nalunaq.


The website does say that processing of remaining ore will continue at the Nugget Pond facility and that, upon completion of that processing, the Nugget Pond facility will be “placed on care and maintenance unless profitable toll milling contracts are successfully concluded.”
Under the BNA Act and the Terms of Union, the province has exclusive jurisdiction over sunshine. Rain? Someone else's department.


At 6:46 PM, January 16, 2009 , Blogger MacArthur said...


Is it necessary to play word games with a deceased man's name in order to get your editorial slant across to your readers?

I find your blog interesting, even if I disagree with many of your opinions, but your wit, sarcasm, and satire are sufficient without this tactic.

I wonder what the younger Dunderdales would think of this practice?


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At 7:27 PM, January 16, 2009 , Blogger WJM said...


What are you talking about?

At 7:54 PM, January 16, 2009 , Blogger Edward G. Hollett said...


The man may be deceased but his widow adopted the name and thus it is hers.

It is rather pompous and almost precious for an identified partisan sock puppet to chastise, let alone chastise in such a trumped up way.

Perhaps it is really a testament to how accurate is the criticism in the post that you step forward to offer this as you sole comment, well sole save for the plug for your own web space.


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