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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

On regionalism

Ross Wiseman discusses Air Labrador’s pullout from the south coast on CBC Labrador Morning on Tuesday (.mp3 audio link)

We were working on this overall strategy piece. Work has been pretty well advanced. What we do in Labrador is a response to the unique circumstance in Labrador, yes, but at the same time we do it in the context of a provincial strategy. It’s difficult sometimes to go into one region of our province and develop a policy framework, or develop a strategy, or provide a response, without giving some consideration to what impact that might have on an entire province, and how that might fit into a broader strategy, so we’re cognizant of what we’re trying to do in the bigger piece.
Ah. OK, then. Thanks for clearing that up, Ross. You can’t do something for Labrador without considering an entire province. (Which province?)

That must mean, of course, that the provincial government considered the impacts on an entire province when it went into one region of a province and developed a policy framework, or a strategy, or provided a response — pick your bafflegab of choice — when the region in question was, oh, let’s say, Lewisporte, or Stephenville, or Grand Falls-Windsor, or the Northern Peninsula.

Right, Ross?



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