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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Time tunnel

This corner is firmly in the tunnel-skeptic camp. And without claiming to speak for Sir Robert Bond Papers, so, it would seem, is Sir Robert Bond Papers.

Which makes it yet another level of funny for the following newspaper wire story from 1907 (this version from the Kingston, Jamaica, Gleaner)

Important Scheme for Newfoundland.
Extensive Plan Including a Great Ocean Tunnel.

(By Direct W.I. Cable Co.)

St. John’s, NF., Feb. 27.—In the Legislature to-night, the Premier proposed the adoption of a contract between the Government and Messrs. Ochs, capitalists of London and Paris, providing for the establishment of a short line of trans-atlantic steamers between the west coast of Ireland and Green Bay, Newfoundland. The plan provides for a two hours’ railway trip across the colony to Port-au-Basque, whence 20 knot steamer would convey mails and passengers to Gaspe, Quebec, in summer, and to Sydney, N.S., in winter.

The promoters of the project claim that there would be a saving of 32 hours over any other trans-atlantic route.

The Government stipulates that the project must take shape within two years or else all liability on the part of the colony will cease. Should the capitalists carry out their announced plans the Government propose to pay them £15,000 annually for twenty-five years. It is said that the British, American and Canadian Governments will be asked to assist in establishing the proposed line.

In the contract submitted by Sir Robert Bond to the Assembly, the Messrs. Ochs are given the right to construct a tunnel under the Strait of Belle Isle, which separates Newfoundland from the mainland, within eight years, and to establish railway connections between a proposed line through Labrador and the Newfoundland railway.

The Legislature will act on the contract within a few days.

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