"We can't allow things that are inaccurate to stand." — The Word of Our Dan, February 19, 2008.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Dear PC MHAs:

For the past six years, having had your tongues, spines, and frontal lobes removed, having dutifully expunged all pessimism and negativity from your thoughts, and having, without question or independent thought, gone along with every questionable and dubious political and administrative decision of the coat-tails you rode in on, it now comes down to this, boys and girls.
It's contained in this here video, courtesy of CBC.

Watch it.

Danny Williams, your Dear Leader, will snap and scowl, and rain scorn, sarcasm, and snot, on anyone.

Anyone who stands up to him. Anyone who is lacking in their fealty to him. Anyone who he knows he's smarter than. Anyone who has caused him slight, real or otherwise.


Stephen Harper. Paul Martin. John Efford. Fabian Manning.

Max Ruelokke. Madame Justice Margaret Cameron. Eddie Joyce.

Mark Griffin. Randy Simms. David Cochran. Writers of letters to editors.

The Canadian flag. The entire province of Quebec.

The Joyce Hancocks of the World.

He will lash out at them. He will roll his eyes at them.

He will dismiss, insult, and ridicule.

This petty little man will prove, at every turn, just how petty he is.

And just when you think, in the moments where your remaining, unsedated synapses start firing, that he has reached the depths of his pettiness, he will go and break his own record. He is the Usain Bolt of petty.

So watch the video.

Watch, and listen to, the first two minutes and fifteen seconds.

Then mute it, so as to emphasize the visual aspect, and watch it again.

And watch, and listen, in particular, at around the 2:10 timestamp.

And remember: sometimes the person who got up on the wrong side of the bed, sometimes the person who can stay out till the cows come home, sometime the Joyce Hancock of the world isn't a Joyce Hancock.

It's an Elizabeth Marshall.

It's a Tom Rideout.

It's a Kathy Goudie, or a Fabian Manning, or a Ray Hunter.

A Wade Verge.

2:10 in. The smirk. The snark. The very thinly-veiled contempt for one of your own. You've seen it. Now it's on a published video.

The number, and percentage, of your caucus who have been subjected to this behaviour is large, and growing. The names above are only the ones which have been the subject of some open and notorious public attention and media coverage.

Given enough time, that figure will tend inexorably to 100%. No amount of sycophancy will save you.

Danny will gladly club his own trained seals.

Isn't it terrible when your own leader betrays you like that?


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