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Thursday, April 29, 2010

She said, she said

Yvonne Jones accuses:
Jones also said that it is uncertain as to what other assets and liabilities may have also been expropriated through this legislation. “During the estimates committee earlier today, we were advised that government may have accidentally expropriated half of the town of Grand Falls-Windsor. While legally this will have little impact on privately owned land, it shows the lack of due diligence that was actually completed by government in putting this legislation forward.
Kathy Blunderdale and Felix Collins aren't so sure, as the Telegram reported Wednesday:
Liberal MHA Kelvin Parsons also spoke to reporters.

"Why didn't government tell anybody?" he asked. "This so called open and accountable government tells no one in this province about it until February of this year, why not?"

Parsons claims more than the mill was accidentally taken.

He said the mistake may have also expropriated "half of Grand Falls-Windsor."

Both Dunderdale and Justice Minister Felix Collins said they are unaware if that's the case.
You know what would clear everything up?

Maps. Maps would.


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