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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Democracy days

The former registant of the ABC Campaign, and pals, opened up the leadership of the shell of the PC Party of Dannystan last Thursday, the day before New Year’s Eve.

Nominations close ten days later, that is, six days from now; that is, Monday at noon.

As undemocratic as that may sound to some nefarious anonymous people, that makes the nomination period for the leadership of The Party longer than the nomination for The Party's candidacy in the late by-elections in Baie Verte-Springdale and Cape St. Francis in 2008, which were each two days; the 2009 contests in The Straits and White Bay North (three days, called on a Friday) and Terra Nova (three days); and the most recent nominations in 2010 in Topsail (two days) and Conception Bay East & Bell Island (three days).

Who says democracy is dead? Pshaw.



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