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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If only the target would stop moving

In an interview with CBC Newsworld earlier today, Premier Dunderdale speaks again of her plans for the proposed Muskrat Falls project "as we move towards sanction, hopefully in the spring."

That would be spring, 2012, presumably — though one might hesitate to make that assumption.

After all, in the utterly immutable, never-to-be-changed, carved-in-stone 2007 energy plan, it is writ, at page 32:

To ensure this project has every opportunity to move forward, the Provincial Government is leading its development through the Energy Corporation. The Energy Corporation has established a comprehensive and clearly-defined project execution plan and will continue to advance the project on multiple fronts, including engineering and the environmental assessment process, analysis of market access options and market destinations, and a financing strategy. The project is targeting sanction in 2009, with in-service of Gull Island in 2015.
The Word of Our Dan. (Glory be.)



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