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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The reviews are in

Lake Melville PC MHA Keith Russell goes on VOCM to defend the indefensible:

The Facebook reviews, from some of his own constituents, are, um, colourful:
I threw up in my hand when I was listening to Keith. Shameful, and I helped put him there. Shame on me!

Alot of politicians went on that day after i heard Keith i went on the show and told Randy Simms that all the politicians are scared because they passed this bill and did what they wanted not what their constituents wanted them to do.The constituents have voiced through the media that they didn't want this bill but the politicians didn't listen. I said let me tell you Randy that we could go right now to a ellection and all the PC Government would loose !!! I said i would like to know if something was done wrong and would like to be able to access that info but with the new FOI act i wont be able to do that.

Me arsehole got more sense and purpose. You're full of it Keith! How dare you???? Come on election!!! Get these aresholes out of office. They certainly do not represent me!!!! Good job Randy! We are slowly losing our basic rights! This is not progress! "Strengthen the legislation?""""" Yes By'. For whom????? KD's puppet. Saving his political ass, which is lost in the general population. You are gone Keith!!!! Focus, Keith! Your government has no focus; not for whom you are in power for. Your focus is purely to save your asses. Is that good governing?????

I just hope the voters have a long memory...3 1/2 years of this left yet!

Imagine, I voted him in twice with Nunatsiavut and once with Provincial because I thought he was a strong voice for us...boy did he make a fool out of me..

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At 8:39 PM, June 16, 2012 , Blogger Crescent Lake said...

The length these PC's will go to, to try and defend a reprehensible piece of legislation, is beyond repugant.

There is no integrity or guts with any of these PC members or else most of them would cross to floor to join the Opposition or, at worse, sit as Independents.


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