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Monday, September 17, 2007

Going it alone

According to the platform of Glorious Leader's The Party:

A Progressive Conservative government in its second term will:
- continue to demand that the Government of Canada follow through on its commitment to establish a Rapid Reaction Force and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Squadron at 5 Wing Goose Bay, to continue to market 5 Wing for foreign flight training, to ensure 5 Wing is an operational requirement of the Department of National Defence, and to identify and secure other pportunities for military and non-military use of the base, building on 5 Wing’s strengths

- demand that the Government of Canada work with the province in completing the hard surfacing of Phase I of the Trans-Labrador Highway; and secure funding to hard surface the remainder of the Trans-Labrador Highway [so much for "going it alone", "with or without the federal government" - ed.]

- work with the Government of Canada to ensure the proper maintenance of the Trans-Labrador Highway portion of the national highway system [since when is maintenance under federal jurisdiction? - ed.]

- present to the federal government options for a new paved airstrip for Nain

- present to the federal government options for paved airstrip improvements for Port Hope Simpson regional airport

- continue to encourage the federal government to make a final decision on the Labrador Metis Nation land claim; until then, remain committed to work with the Labrador Metis Nation to access federal programs and services
So, in other words, in Our Second Term, We, Danny Williams, will do the same thing We did in Labrador in Our First Term.

We will shirk Our responsibilities, break Our promises, and Blame Canada.


Absolutely, utterly, pathetic.


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