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Monday, September 17, 2007

Things on paper; things not on paper

In the message introducing his platform, PC leader Danny Williams writes:
Our struggle for fairness in Confederation has not been without its opponents. Prior to the last federal election, Stephen Harper made a solemn written promise to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador to remove nonrenewable [sic] resource revenues from equalization calculations. He also promised to honour the Atlantic Accord. Had he honoured his promises, the positive impact on Newfoundland and Labrador would have been enormous. However, he did not honour those commitments. Although the additional revenues would have made an immense difference to our bottom line, no federal leader or government will deter us in our march toward self-reliance and prosperity.
Yes, Danny, promises on paper are important.

Just like these ones:
• A Progressive Conservative government will acknowledge that the decision in the Powley case applies to Metis in Newfoundland and Labrador, and will participate with specific rights affirmed in the Powley decision and other rights protected under s. 35 of the Constitution.

• We will work in partnership with the Metis people of Labrador to promote andstrengthen Metis communities and culture, and to ensure the Metis and all residents of Labrador share in the benefits that accrue from the development of Labrador resources.

• We will involve the Labrador Metis Nation, as we will representatives of all residents of Labrador, in the process of negotiating a Lower Churchill Development Agreement.
Those are the things that are on paper.

But there's something else that isn't on paper.

Stephen Harper's name isn't on the ballot paper. (Not that the ballot paper seems to matter under the local election law.)

So, while Danny Williams is busy running against Stephen Harper, the opposition parties are presented with a fantastic opening.

They should run against Danny Williams.


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