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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Go fish

The Fisher of Votes had some advice for the Opposition on Thursday:
PREMIER WILLIAMS: Mr. Speaker, it is obvious the priorities of the Opposition. You know, we are here today – we have a fishery that is being dealt with, that is very, very important to all the people of this Province, to all the communities in the Province. Have we heard a question on the fishery today? Not a question.

For the record, the last time Himself mentioned the fishery in the House was March 30th.

The time before that? May 11, 2009.

The last time the FishMin associated the surname Williams with his portfolio was on March 28th – in an announcement concerning aquaculture, not fisheries.

And the last time Himself mentioned the fishery in a speech — at least, in so far as you can go by the sporadic postings to the Speeches portion of His website — was September 9, 2009, when He said:
We must streamline and rationalize our fishery so that those who risk their lives to earn a living get a decent return for their hard work.

The fishery is being dealt with, apparently, in the passive voice, the official verb voice of Our Dear Premier. It's just not clear by whom.


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