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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What We never have done and never will do (I)

Himself was in a denyin' kind a mood during Question Period on Tuesday, describing how he takes the partisanship out of stuff:

PREMIER WILLIAMS: Mr. Speaker, let me be very clear: this government never has and never will inflict retribution on a district. It does not happen. During my entire life I watched it happen too much by Liberal governments who were in power in this Province -

SOME HON. MEMBERS: Hear, hear!

PREMIER WILLIAMS: - and saw too many communities and people punished for supporting the government. So, in fact, as I have stated before, when this decision was being made with regard to the air ambulance we convened a committee of Cabinet ministers to make sure that there was no partisanship whatsoever went into this decision. In fact, we have indicated throughout and Minister Taylor has advocated very, very strongly on behalf of his district up there. He has advocated for roads. He advocated, of course, for the air ambulance. He advocated for funds for the bottling plans for the hon. member right now so we could employ people in The Straits & White Bay North and the hon. the Leader of the Opposition knows very well that we support districts.
Why, yes, we "support districts." Especially those districts which vote correctly.

As noted before, repeatedly, Danny Williams-Government is master of the carrot-and-stick, Smallwood-in-Ferryland approach to governance. These charts show funding under the Provincial Roads Improvement Program, by district, colour-coded, during the Danny Williams-Government years, on a go-backwards basis starting with 2007:



And 2004:

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