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Monday, May 03, 2010

Exchange of correspondence

Geoff Meeker is having difficulty getting his hands of some Premieriffic epistles:

The matter stretched out over some time, with correspondence back and forth, and did not reach a conclusion until the Ombudsman sent his report to the premier, dated March 10, 2010. I asked the Ombudsman for copies of all letters written by Premier Williams, but the Ombudsman declined.

“My reviews are, generally speaking, public documents,” Carlin wrote, in an April 30 email. “I would be happy to share that with you. I am a little less comfortable in releasing Premier Williams correspondence, although I do quote from it in the review.”

(In a reply, I asked the Ombudsman to reconsider, pointing out that the premier’s original complaint is necessary to give the story context. I will update when I receive a reply.)
Does Our Dear Campaign against the CBC count as "counter-spinning negativity"?

Anyway... if Mr. Carlin is unwilling to release the correspondence, perhaps the Most Open And Accountable Premier In The History Of Premieritude would be willing to, through either an informal request or the formal Access to Information process. The choice is yours!



At 6:47 AM, May 03, 2010 , Blogger Ed Hollett said...

Perhaps someone needs to recount again the lengthy series of examples wherein Hisself has written called, or otherwise contacted someone who made a public comment about him, his vicious, petty, personal attacks on them and so forth.

Then let him see if Gullage's comment - less the Beijing reference - is anything other than an accurate representation of the local mood.

Meanwhile, why wasn't Liz pursuing this or - better still - talking him out of it? This is the sort of vendetta that serves no purpose other than to create, as in this case, a very bad relationship between th two.

That will not serve Williams' interests in the long run, unless his long run is only another few months and he doesn't give a toss any more.


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