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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sycophant of the Month: April 2010

Total number of ProvGov press releases issued in April: 163 (-26 from March).

Total number with the phrase "Williams Government" (or "Williams Administration"): 11 (-17 from March).

Sycophancy index: 6.7% (-8.1% from March).

After last month’s sycoPheast comes a sycoPhamine. Sure, the month got off to a quick start, with Jerome! landing one on April Fool’s Day. But it was the 12th before anyone, in the person of Minister of Athleticism Terry French, answered him.

Jerome! took a lead the next day, with one promoting greater health through greater parking, but Tom Hedderson landed two on the 16th, to tie things up in dramatic fashion.

The same day, Dianne Whalen made her emotional return, with her first since last August. Regional co-operation is a key initiative of the Williams Government. Who knew?

Hedderson pulled into the lead on the 22nd, but then the pace of play slowed down dramatically. It was another week before Jerome! tied things back up, followed, on the very last day of the month, by singles from Sullivan and Dr. Darin King (that’s Dr. Darin King to you.)

But there was one last bit of drama left in the month as Hedderson knocked one more in on the last Friday afternoon of April, to take the month, and to take sole or shared monthly title for fourth time in five months, and the third month in a row. And with Pavement Season only barely begun, he’s a strong prospect, barring a cabinet shuffle, for the rest of the year on a go-forward basis.

Your April Sycophant of the Month: Tom Hedderson. Congratulations!

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