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Monday, May 03, 2010

Someone didn't get the memos

Apparently Triv Taylor wasn't copied on the official edicts that prohibit anyone suggesting a connection between electoral outcomes and Williams Government decisions, the one where former politicians should shut up since they're not calling the shots anymore, or the one about how no one is allowed to comment on Dannystan politics from Ottawa or anywhere else that's not in Dannystan.

From today's Northern Pen:

Unfortunately, in last fall's election the people voted for a change in direction and representation. You elected someone who was ill equipped to make the arguments needed to retain the air ambulance and worse his leader asked for a review of the service, a review for which any intelligent person would have foreseen the outcome.


I have heard it stated over the past six months that the district got nothing while I was in government. I guess if you didn't get anything you are not losing anything. The district voted for change, change is what you are getting.

Trevor Taylor


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